trailer axle hub odometer china factory price

Short Description:

Scheduling maintenance;

Determine lease charges;

Validating guarantees;

Calculating cost per mile.

Product Detail

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Programmable for any tire

— Keep just one part number (600-9999) and Never Miss A Trailer

— Applicable for 1— 999 REVs/KM (or Mile)


Cellphone APP w. prebuild tire database and Bluetooth communication

—- NO Programmer any more

—- Pick up the tire directly

—- Program as many odometers as needed at once

—- Simply clear trip mileage and start a new one

Features & Benefit:

No moving parts – No wear

2X bigger battery power than competitive’ – Longer life

Large display – Easily read

Durable material and design – High resistance to weather and impact

Small size and lighter – Only 205 grams including locking fasteners


Electronic Hubodometer Programming

Download APP to Your Cellphone

WGCVS electronic hub odometer does not need a dedicated programmer.

Any intelligent communication equipment, with Bluetooth 4.0 (or above) can be used as a programmer.

Find this APP “WGCVS Hub Odometer” at App Store on your Cellphone and install it.

Make Sure your cellphone Bluetooth is turned on when program a unit.


Sleep Mode

The Unit shipping out factory is set in “Sleep Mode” and shows ‘REV 999.9 KM’

This display indicates that the unit has NOT been programmed and activated

It must be programmed before you use it for mileage recording.


Step 1: Select Job

Normal Set: This is for programming of a new unit

Batch Set: For same tires, use the “Batch Set” menu to set all units at one time

Clear Trip: Mileage and Start a new trip. Trip mileage can be reset any time to start a new trip by activating the Bluetooth of the unit and the “Clear Trip “menu


Step 2: Data Setting

Units: KM or Miles, the selected unit will apply for both Life mileage and Trip mileage

Staring Mileage: Set the mileage to match the current mileage of the vehicle the unit for. (Figure 3)

Tire: For the utmost accuracy, set the tire by Revolutions (preferred). Or select the tire size which are stocked at the APP database. (Figure 4)


Step 3: Activate the Unit Bluetooth

Make sure the cellphone Bluetooth is turn on (No pairing needed).

Activate the odometer by pushing the button for 2 seconds. The Unit will be activated and shows the Unit ID — ready for programming


Step 4: Write the setting data to the unit

Select the Part ID on your cellphone to start programing the unit. “Syncing Succeeded” means the unit is set successfully and ready for installation.


Reading the Unit

By pushing the button for 2 seconds, the unit will turn off the Bluetooth and turn to normal display.

Now you can switch the display among 3 different displays by touching the button for 0.5 second


Product Limitations

It is important to note that this unit is designed to recognize vibrations and accelerations common to wheel rotation, therefore, it will not count accurately when held in a person’s hand, which allows movement in any direction. Furthermore, this unit should not be used as a rotating shaft counter for machinery, unless the machine shaft rotates slower than 1000 RPM.



This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class A digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules of the United Stated; and the C-Tick standard AS/NZS


For the wireless communication testing and certifications in your country, talk to MBPAP before sales.


Electronic Hubodometer Installation

Install the odometer unit using the appropriate WGCVS bracket or hub cap.

The nut furnished with the unit is a locking nut and must be torqued no more than 25N.M

An Indispensable & Reliable Tool

An indispensable tool for scheduling maintenance, determining lease charges, validating guarantees, and calculating costs per kilometer.

Calibrated to perform on over 2,000 specific tire models and sizes to further ensure reliable mileage information.

Spring-loaded Counterweight virtually eliminates spin when tires hit bumps and potholes, your assurance of greater accuracy


3– Year/No Mileage Limit Warranty

Guaranteed over-life-of-tire accuracy backed by 3-Year/No Mileage limit warranty

100% tested both forward running and backward running before shipment to guarantee accuracy

Unique serial number on each unit for easy tracking


Higher Standard of Accuracy


Higher Standard of Reliability

Based on typical failure models of hub odometers in the industry, including some well-known

names, TEXCAN patented design eliminated the potential risk of broken and deformation caused

by strong impact which is inevitable in real application:


Hubodometer Selection by Tire REVs/Mile (KM)

Find the tire Revolutions per Mile or Kilometer of the using tire, and Find the closest hubodometer. For example, Michelin 295/80R22.5 XZE 2+, from the tire manufacturer’s manual, it is 500 Rev/Mile tire, and check the hubodometer with Revs list below and find it is 777- 0537(KM) or 787- 0598 (Mile)