landing gear



    1. Static Load: 80T/set (176,000 lbs)
    2. Lift at 100Ft-Lbs input Torque: 25T/set (55,000 lbs)
    3. AAR Side Load: 13T/set (29,000 lbs)
    4. Durability Test: 800 HZ
    5. Component Strength Test: PASS (Load is 1.5 times lifting capacity load, any parts without failure after lifting travel 3”)
    6. Drop Test: PASS (Load is 0.5 times the total weight of the vehicle distance asphalt from 3” to 3.5” height, free drop 10 times without damage.)
    7. Turn per inch: 2-speed high 5.9

    2-speed low 45

    8.Gross Weight/set (19” standard feet): 108kg/set (238 lbs)

  • jost landing gear

    jost landing gear

    You don’t have to shake the legs of the trailer anymore

    For our semi-trailer drivers, leg shaking is a necessary skill, especially for some Swap Trailer drivers, leg shaking has become a common practice. But now most of the trailer legs are ordinary mechanical operation, if it is a heavy car simply can not shake up, in this case, omnipotent designers add hydraulic legs to the trailer.

  • fuwa type landing gear

    fuwa type landing gear

    Installation and Use of supporting device (Landing gear) Installation of Landing leg on Semi Trailer Before installation, check whether the outrigger is consistent with the technical performance and use requirements Requirements: 1. The left and right legs are perpendicular to the upper plane of the frame. 2.The output shafts of left and right outriggers shall be on the same axis. 3.The outrigger must be installed with horizontal tie rod, diagonal tie rod and longitudinal diagonal tie ...
  • small landing gear

    small landing gear

    Fault cause and elimination of landing gear Lubrication of Landing gear During the assembly of the supporting device, enough general lithium grease has been added to the lubricating part. In order to prevent the failure of the grease after long-term use, maintain the good lubrication of the supporting device and prolong its service life, it is necessary to supplement the grease to each part regularly. 1.The inner leg with oil storage tank, screw rod and nut are self-lubricating and maintena...