Bogie axle

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Bogie spoke or drum axle is a set of suspension with axles fitted under a semi-trailer or a truck. Bogie axle usually has two spoke/spider axles or two drum axles.Axles has different length that depending on the length of the trailer or truck.One set bogie axle capacity is 24Ton,28Ton,32Ton,36Ton.Many users like to call them super 25T,super 30T,and super 35T.




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Place of Origin: China (Mainland)                                Brand Name: MBPAP

Certificate: ISO 9001,TS16949                                    Use: Trailer Parts

Parts: Trailer Suspension                                            Max Payload:18T*2,16T*2,14T*2,12T*2

Size: Standard Size                                                    Color: Customer Demands

Material: Steel                                                             Type: Welding

Application: Trailer Part Truck Part   Track(mm):1840      Leaf Spring Distance (mm):900/980/880                          

Axle Space(mm):1550

spoke wheel hub bogie 1

parameter for bogie 1






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