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Now, there are more than 10 days before the corn ripening season. However, in a small village in Bozhou City, Anhui Province, a corn harvester is busy in the field. The most striking thing about this harvester is its size. There are few such large corn harvesters in rural areas.

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Driving the harvester is a young man after 80, named sun Xiaoning, a nearby villager. His main business is not growing corn, but raising cattle. Yes, sun Xiaoning is a famous local cattle farmer. He raised more than 60 cattle at home, worth more than 100 million yuan. It turned out that the man in front of him was a millionaire.

According to sun Xiaoning’s daughter-in-law’s plan, I want to take advantage of the good market and plan to add some calves and expand the breeding scale at the end of the year, so that I will have a lot of income in the coming year. But her husband sun Xiaoning didn’t think so. He loved playing with machinery since childhood, but he was full of interest in agricultural machinery. At the beginning of the year, despite his wife’s opposition, he spent more than 200000 yuan to buy a corn harvester. This new corn harvester can not only harvest corn, but also collect broken corn stalks.

Unlike others who go out to work, sun Weili and his wife started breeding at home. They lived a busy and prosperous life. According to their daughter-in-law’s ideal, they would add some calves at the end of the year, and appropriately expand the breeding scale while taking advantage of the good yellow cattle price, so that they could make more money.

So why did sun Xiaoning buy a corn harvester alone? Because he is a cattle farmer and needs a lot of feed to feed cattle every day, but his corn is not enough at all. He even often has to buy corn from his neighbors. This new corn harvester solves this problem very well. This not only solves the feeding problem, but also saves manual picking up corn stalks.


As mentioned above, there are relatively few such corn harvesters, so nearby villagers come to sun Xiaoning to help harvest the corn field. Because there are many local farmers like sun Xiaoning, almost every family grows more than 10 mu of corn.

Often, everyone will harvest the corn before it is fully mature, because the green feed produced in this way has the highest nutritional value. Some farmers harvest corn in advance in order to plant another crop of fast-growing leafy vegetables, so as to improve economic benefits.

The unique corn harvesting method not only reduces the feeding cost of farmers, but also brings huge business opportunities for sun Xiaoning. However, he can’t be busy with hundreds of acres of corn fields in the village. Even if he works overtime all day, he has to be busy for more than half a month to finish his work. Sun Xiaoning’s daughter-in-law said with a bitter smile: although she can earn 60 yuan per mu by harvesting corn, she is particularly distressed by her husband’s high-intensity work, Even when eating, I often take a few random bites in the cab.

In fact, how many people know who is naturally willing to suffer, but it is just a burden on his shoulders?

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