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The connection between the trailer and the tractor can be divided into two forms: one is the connection between the trailer’s traction pin and the main vehicle’s saddle, which plays the role of pulling the trailer forward; the other is the connection between the two gas paths and circuits, which supplies the trailer with air and power, so as to realize its braking and lighting.
The main vehicle and trailer are connected by quick connectors. The common connectors are divided into quick plug valve and handshake valve. Today’s MBPAP takes you to know the handshake valve, which is named handshake valve because its coupling time looks like two hands holding each other.

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Structure composition:

Valve body: the main part of the handshake valve, which ensures the reliability and safety of the handshake valve in use, and will not lose its function due to the sudden interruption of external force impact.
Seal ring: seal the connecting parts of handshake valve to ensure no air leakage during coupling
Dust cover: it is mostly plastic material, and covers the interface when the handshake valve is not connected to prevent the dust magazine from entering the interface.
Connecting plate: a pair of handshake valves are firmly contacted after coupling with each other. Some special means are generally used to make the connection closer.

Technical requirements:
Corrosion resistance: the main material of hand valve is metal, which requires that the valve body must have good corrosion resistance to ensure a longer service life.
High strength: the tractor is inevitably bumpy in the process of driving, and the connection point is also inevitable. The valve body must be made of high-strength metal, and the casting process should also try to use higher strength technology.
High temperature / low temperature resistance: the handshake valve needs to be inspected at - 40 ℃ and + 70 ℃.
Sealing: the coupling part of the handshake valve must be airtight to ensure the safety during use.
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Model classification:

Model regulation: the model of handshake valve depends on the thread and diameter of nut connected with spiral gas pipe.
Common models: the model mark of handshake valve is based on the diameter (mm) x thread spacing (mm), M16 x 1.5 thread, M20 x 1.5 thread, M22 x 1.5 thread, etc.
Classification: the multi handshake valve is different from the quick connect valve without male and female, usually with the color of dust cover as the functional distinction.
Classification: the red handshake valve is the normal gas source, and the Yellow handshake valve is the brake gas source.

Instructions for use:
1.When connecting, pay special attention to whether the two interfaces are completely aligned. If the connection is not in place, it will not only affect the use, but also damage the sealing gasket.
2.Reliable connection also has high requirements for the manufacturing process of handshake valve. At present, there is no relatively strict and unified standard for the production of handshake valve on the market. The size tolerance of handshake valve manufactured is somewhat deviated. If improper coupling is found, it is better to replace it with the same brand.
3.Frequent disassembly and assembly of the handshake valve can easily lead to premature damage of the rubber ring and affect the sealing of the joint. It is necessary to check whether the sealing ring is damaged when disassembling and installing the handshake valve.

Due to the impact of trunk line drop and hang, the trailers on the market are generally equipped with quick plug valve, so even if the tractor is equipped with handshake valve, most owners will choose to replace it. The handshake valve is more reliable in connection. Although it is not as convenient as the quick plug-in of "pull it out at will", it has higher safety and can complete the gas circuit connection in less than one minute.

Which one do you prefer, handshake valve or quick plug valve? MBPAP will continue to analyze for you in the next issue.


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