Steering Axle Maintenance Instruction:(Part 1)

Fundamental Rules

  1. Before every laded journey

Check the condition of the light and brake system

The tire pressure

Check that wheel nuts are tight

Drain the water in the tank through the drain valve at the bottom of the air tank Every two weeks (everyday if necessary)

Clean all the filter of the pneumatic system (According to the rated instruction of manufacture) Every season

  1. New vehicle

After the first laded journey or change the wheel rim, check that wheel nuts are tight, re-tighten if necessary.



  1. Top and the bottom steering pivot bearing Every half month in operation.

Re-lubricate with long life grease until clean grease emerges from the bearing and cam plate.

2. The support of camshaft

Every two month in operation (Or the first laded after the vehicle idle for a long time)

Lubricate with special long life grease, till fresh grease emerges.

3. Slack adjusters

Every two month in operation

Lubricate with special long life grease, till fresh grease emerges.


Every year in operation (Include every brake lining change and long-distance transport)

Lubricate the inner of the bearing evenly with special long life grease.

5.Change the grease in wheel hub bearings

Every year or change the brake lining.

The roller bearing is special inner and outer ring, must mark it when it disassemble, and prevent the bearing is mismatch when it re-assemble.

Clean the bearing, oil seal and related parts thoroughly with cleanser (like diesel), and check to ensure that they are suitable for re-use after it dry.

Wheel hub bearing lubrication.

The wheel hubs must lubricate fully, the grease quantity as below reference.

The lubrication period should be shorten when driving in bad condition.

Post time: Sep-09-2021