Matters needing attention in installation and use of air spring and Structure of air spring

Structure of air spring

Air spring is a rubber metal composite which is made of rubber, cord and steel wire circle, which is bonded together by vulcanization process.

Rubber air bag is an important part of air spring, which is usually vulcanized (crosslinked) by inner rubber layer, outer rubber layer, cord layer and formed steel ring. According to the deformation mode of the rubber airbag, the structure of the air spring of commercial vehicle can be divided into two types: the bladder type and the membrane type.

  1. Bladder air spring

The bladder air spring is a lantern shaped structure, and its curved bladder is composed of one or several segments in series, which are called single curved, double curved or multi curved bladder air spring respectively. The elastic deformation of the air spring is mainly obtained by the bending of the rubber air bag, which is composed of the rubber air bag, the auxiliary air chamber, the upper cover plate, the clamping ring, the buffer and so on.

2. Membrane air spring

Membrane air spring is a cylindrical structure, through the balloon curl to obtain elastic deformation, in order to achieve the overall expansion and contraction. The utility model is composed of a rubber air bag, an upper cover plate, a buffer block and a piston base. Sometimes the hollow inner cavity of the piston base also acts as an auxiliary air chamber.